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Product Code : 385-VV04
Brand Name : VV
Product Description

385-VV04-PTFE/silicon Hose

Suction and blower hose for solvents, paint mist, chemical fumes in chemical, pharmaceutical, paint, paper and wood industries

Design material

Delivery Forms:
Ø 2 " up to 36 ", color - white inner ply, grey oputer ply, length - 2 m up to 15 m

On Request:
Other helix qualities and costume made in construction Gripflex Siltef el - electric conductive - Roe 6
106 7 – black inner ply

Gripflex Range:

All Temperature Ratings only for Extraction Applications with at least 25% Ambient Air Induction -70°C to +250°C, intermittent up to 270°C

PTFE®-film inner ply, Silicone coated glass fabric outer ply, external galv. steel helix

Very good resistance against chemicals, weather, aggressive media UV and ozone, PTFE ® is harmless for health and non stick surface, very flexible and compressible up to 1 : 6

Temperature Range:
-70°C to +250°C, intermittent up to 270°C.
  1. Due to constant R and D dimensions and technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Material availability is subject to M.O.Q